The Cult: Choice of Weapon-For the Animals, Amnesia, Lucifer, tracklist

To me alternative rock was always the lower in proficiency compared to mainstream rock. I like alt rock but can't say normally that you would find the well playing or proficiency of nonalt rock bands. That being said, bands like The Cult are having a hard time satisfying their fans. Their uniqueness and music style may be hard to explain, so the supporters never know what they're going to get. There is one thing that is firm – they know how to produce great music.

For those new to this group, if the music business isn't what it is, they could have been in a much better position today. Their lead guitarist Billy Duffy writes simple and yet catchy guitar riffs exploiting a variety of different effects ranging from the wah pedal to heavy twist, while the lead vocalist Ian Astbury delivers very emotional vocals and lyrics that deal with a wide range of topic. And they have been classified as goth, rock/blues, metal and alternative.

After five long years, The Cult have returned with their ninth studio album titled “Choice of Weapon” produced by their longtime collaborators Chris Goss and Bob Rock. “Choice of Weapon” is scheduled for release on May 22, 2012 through their new label Cooking Vinyl. The album will contain the following Tracks List:

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1. "Honey from a Knife"

2. "Elemental Light"

3. "For the Animals"

4. "Life>Death"

5. "The Wolf"

6. "Amnesia"

7. "Lucifer"

8. "Wilderness Now"

9. "A Pale Horse"

10. "This Night in the City Forever"

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