DragonForce-The Power Within, Fallen World, Cry Thunder

As most are aware "DragonForce" have successfully established a power metal subgenre `Extreme Power Metal'. So many power metal bands nowadays are popping up from out of nowhere, and only few of them can really play such as Stratovarius, Avantasia, Sonata Arctica and Dragonforce.

Since the release of their fourth album "Ultra Beatdown" in 2008, they have gained international recognition as one of the best bands of its kind, and their musicianship is strengthened even further than on 2006's ' Inhuman Rampage.' Far lengthier lead breaks are there, and the riffs are a lot more improved. The thing is that DragonForce are the fastest band ever to give power metal a name. The guitarist Herman Li and Sam Totman both have their own familiar style of soloing. Bassist Frederic Leclercq can play faster than any other player. Keyboardist Vadim Pruzhanov and drummer Dave Mackintosh are equally talented musicians, and the band’s former lead vocalist ZP Theart has been replaced with new singer Marc Hudson.

DragonForce will release their fifth studio album titled “The Power Within” on April 15, 2012 through Roadrunner Records.

Listen to DragonForce New Song "Fallen World"

dragonforce, new album, cd, the power within, cover, image The standard edition of the album will contain the following tracks:

1. "Holding On"

2. "Fallen World"

3. "Cry Thunder"

4. "Give Me the Night"

5. "Wings of Liberty"

6. "Seasons"

7. "Heart of the Storm"

8. "Die by the Sword"

9. "Last Man Stands"

10. "Seasons (Acoustic Version)"