Overkill' new album The Electric Age set for March 2012

Blitz & Co back with their sixteenth studio album titled “The Electric Age” due for release on March 27, 2012 through label E1 Music.

They have always been the most trustworthy band in the metal genre. People have never had to concern about them giving up or soften their approach. They enjoy their music heavy, fast, and loud, just like their fans do. The end result of that steadiness is a string of consistently high-quality records that probably no other band can fight with. Given that they have come through with some sub par attempts, while you all the time come in knowing what you are going to get, and you are hardly ever let down. The key to their reliability could be, somewhat ironically, the countless lineup changes they have gone through over the years. While the center of Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth and D.D. Verni have been around since the formation of the band, an extensive line of guitarists have made their way through the ranks, providing the best riffs and ideas that they have for several records.

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Overkill's upcoming album The Electric Age will contain the following track list:

1. Come And Get It

2. Electric Rattlesnake

3. Wish You Were Dead

4. Drop The Hammer

5. Save Yourself

6. Black Daze

7. 21st Century Man

8. Old Wounds, New Scars

9. All Over But The Shouting

10. Good Night