Feeder-Generation Freakshow Delayed Until April 2012

Feeder are a remedy to the flood of dire 'nu-metals' bands around at present. They have consistently produced some brilliant music over a decade. Unlike Papa Roach or Limp Bizcuit they do not believe that screaming makes a good music track. Their songs are cleverly and the lyrics are cleverly written. Songs such as "Just the Way I'm Feeling " and "Come Back Around" are inspired. Grant Nicholas has mastered the art of hook laden choruses and it shows. The lead vocalist and the guitarist Grant Nicholas has grasped the art of hook laden choruses and it showcases on "Borders", the fist single from their upcoming album Generation Freakshow. It was originally scheduled for release in March 2012 but delayed until April 23rd 2012. The album will contain the following track list:

1. "Oh My" (track Length 3:39)

2. "Borders" (3:25)

3. "Idaho" (3:03)

4. "Hey Johnny" (3:21)

5. "Quiet" (4:07)

6. "Sunrise" (3:59)

7. "Generation Freakshow" (3:32)

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8. "Tiny Minds" (3:48)

9. "In All Honesty" (3:22)

10. "Headstrong" (4:05)

11. "Fools Can't Sleep" (4:29)

12. "Children of the Sun" (4:11)

Watch Feeder - "Borders" Live