Go Fly A Kite Song List-Ben Kweller, Mean To Me, Jealous Girl

Ben Kweller is an outstanding artist with a surprisingly large number of underground fanbase. He is multi-instrumentally skilled, and past albums, he proves us his versatility in that area. He has always hinted at being an immense artist, constantly showed signs that he would create an impact on music, or at least few great records. When you know how to play few instruments and begin writing lyrics before you turn ten years old, better things are bound to take place. But, for whatever cause, things just had yet to come all the way together for this talented artist. In the nineties, Ben’s band Radish drew comparison to Nirvana when they were producing music, and he was a teenager through the band’s whole existence. Although, they were forgotten by people as Nirvana rip-offs and never pulled off any kind of real achievement. After two unsuccessful records, Ben decided his talents were too good for this band and, started a solo career. In the late nineties, he released his firs solo record titled "Freak Out, It's Ben Kweller". The album was initially not a success. But, it did reach the ears of one remarkable person, and that was all Ben wanted. Evan Dando of the Lemonheads got his hands on the record, enjoyed it so much that he asked Ben to tour with him, and he pursued this up with a record deal with ATO. In 2002, he released his album "Sha Sha", and since then it's been all uphill for Ben. The musical style on that record garnered him the attention of many indie music fans, and his first studio album gained him some success of a cult following. When he released "On My Way" in 2004, it was one of the highly anticipated records of the year among music fans. The improvements he had made from his debut album to his fourth studio album “Changing Horses” had been quite remarkable, garnered some acclaim. But he had yet to produce an album you would expect from a young experienced songwriting veteran. The pieces just had not come together yet to push Ben over the top.

After three years since his fourth studio album, Ben Kweller returned with his fifth studio album titled “Go Fly a Kite”, which is scheduled for release on February 07, 2012 through his own record label Noise Co. Go Fly a Kite will contain the following track list:

Listen to Ben Kweller's Mean To Me

Go Fly A Kite,Ben Kweller, cd, cover, image 1. Mean To Me (track length 3:20)

2. Out The Door (3:42)

3. Jealous Girl (3:56)

4. Gossip (3:48)

5. Free (3:40)

6. Full Circle (3:09)

7. Justify Me (2:19)

8. The Rainbow (3:57)

9. Time Will Save The Day (3:47)

10. I Miss You (3:58)

11. You Can Count On Me (3:22)

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