Happy to You: Miike Snow new album out in March, Vase

The Swedish duo, Bloodshy & Avant (Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg) have been putting out some terrific music over the past few years, but it looks like from the time when ABBA took over the world with their debut album “Ring Ring” in 1973 the country has been a center of pop music, no more so than in this decade. From the Hives to Miike Snow, the Sweden’s been beating the world’s charts in their own fascinating way for years. A bit late to the pop music industry but still maintaining all the trademarks of Swedish indie pop, the duo combines the production and songwriting skills collaboration with US lead singer and producer Andrew Wyatt. With such a remarkable success behind them, it should come as a bit surprise that they are the type of band who produces sound that gets in your head and never go away.

After their 2009 self-titled debut album, Miike Snow return with their sophomore album Happy to You, set for release on March 26, 2012 through Columbia.

Listen to Miike Snow Paddling Out

Happy to You Track List

1. "Enter The Joker's Lair"

2. "The Wave"

3. "Devil's Work"

4. "Vase"

5. "God Help This Divorce"

6. "Bavarian #1 (Say You Will)"

7. "Pretender"

8. "Archipelago"

9. "Black Tin Box"

10. "Paddling Out"