Islands A Sleep & a Forgetting out on Valentine's Day

The indie-rock band Islands has the outlandish ability to astonish their fans one moment and sound contentedly familiar the next. The band consists of four members, songwriter and vocalist Nick Diamonds (former member of The Unicorns), Aaron Harris, Geordie Gordon and Evan Gordon.

Nick has never been one to pursue the impression of popular opinion. No more so is this obvious than with Islands, the experimental-pop collective Nick formed following the Unicorns' breakup and whose first album, Return To The Sea, was an eclectic compilation of indie odds and ends. Their second album, Arm's Way, was a mixture of different musical genres, Nick and the boys were going balls-out in terms of outlandish arrangements and weird lyricism. Then their third album was almost like the previous attempt, one that turns band’s music style in yet another new direction but preserves their firm pop foundations.

The band recently announced the details of their upcoming fourth album “A Sleep & a Forgetting” which is slated for release on Valentine’s Day and will contain eleven songs, and “This Is Not A Song” will be the first single from the album.

Track List

1. In A Dream It Seemed Real – (Track length 3:24)

2. This Is Not A Song – (3:56)

3. Never Go Solo – (4:46)

4. No Crying – (3:04)

5. Hallways – (2:56)

6. Can't Feel My Face – (2:47)

7. Lonely Love – (3:40)

8. Oh Maria – (4:08)

9. Cold Again – (3:21)

10. Don't I Love You – (3:20)

11. Same Thing – (2:32)