Kaiser Chiefs new album Start The Revolution Without Me, tracks

The Kaiser Chiefs came out of nowhere a few years ago with the rise of bands like Libertines and the Franz Ferdinand. The Leeds quintet's strong merge of sixties hooks guitar-pop blend with vocalist Ricky Wilson's elegant lyrics and unique delivery made their first record “Employment” and, to somewhat lower extent, their second, third and fourth albums “Yours Truly, Angry Mob”, “Off with Their Heads” and “The Future Is Medieval” four of the more electrifying albums to come out of England Lately. Their new album “Start the Revolution Without Me” continues this trend without remaining too similar to what came before, as the Kaiser producer Tony Visconti and turn their always sharp witticisms in the direction of more mature issues than before.

Start The Revolution Without Me will contain brand new songs as well as some songs from “The Future Is Medieval”. The lead single off the album titled "Little Shocks" is a catchy and upbeat song, the drums and terrific guitar riff provide a rhythm that harmonizes the superb crowd chanting near the peak level. Start The Revolution Without Me will be available for purchase in the USA on March 6, 2012. The band have recorded 20+ song which has wisely been cut down to 13 songs. Well, most fans might not be happy on that but one thing that can be affirmed is that their sounds are still as memorable as ever and they still know how to produce a song with a few hooks.

kaiser chiefs, new album, start the revolution without me, cd, audio, cover, image Complete Track List

1. "Little Shocks"

2. "On the Run"

3. "Heard It Break"

4. "Kinda Girl You Are"

5. "Starts with Nothing"

6. "When All Is Quiet"

7. "Cousin in the Bronx"

8. "Things Change"

9. "Man on Mars"

10. "Problem Solved"

11. "Can't Mind My Own Business"

12. "Child of the Jago"

13. "If You Will Have Me"