MxPx new CD-Plans Within Plans Available for Preorder

When purchasing music nowadays it's almost not possible to find a band that really flows together well and is enjoying listening to. A lot of bands are concerned about the message that will be received when people listen to their songs' or 'how to grow up and not sell out' sorta thing, and to be frank, it destroys the music and you can’t hear it.

MxPx have constantly been a band recognized as one of the finest bands found in the mainstream punk rock genre, but were always never got the full recognition they wished they could acquire. Their most famous songs like "Let It Happen" and "Chick Magnet” Classic songs like "Chick Magnet," "I'm OK, You're OK," and "Let It Happen" supported pave them into the attention of alternative punk rock. MxPx have hit every feasible spectrum in their over a decade musical career. They have played just about every kind of punk you could imagine. The majority would bring up how their most recent records catered more in the direction of a wider audience but what you really should talk about is how they gained the admiration that they did and that was with their remarkable lyrics and cool as hell guitar riffs.

After nearly five years since their last studio album Secret Weapon, MxPx has returned with another promising album “Plans Within Plans” contains thirteen brand new singles as listed below:

Listen to MxPx's new song Far Away

1. Aces Up

2. Screw Loose

3. Nothing Left

4. The Times

5. In the Past

6. Best of Times

mxpx, new cd, plans within plans, album, cover, image, buy, amazon 7. Stay On Your Feet

8. Lucky Guy

9. Far Away

10. Cast Down My Heart

11. When It Comes to You

12. Inside Out

13. Nothing's Gonna Change

MxPx's Plans Within Plans will be available for purchase beginning on April 03, 2012, but you can pre-order it from Amazon.