Ruben Studdard to drop Letters from Birmingham in March

It's hard to remember that it was really Ruben Studdard who won the “AI”. With clean R&B beats and soulful vocals, and sings with such ease, he reminds us why he took home the most votes. Studdard deserves all of the recognition he is receiving since the “AI”, which sent him to the top. His supporters vary from young to the old, from all walks of life, every race and religion. In 2003, he released his debut album "Soulful" as a solo star and his first push in the direction of his music career. When it hit the stores, the response was divided. There were those who liked it and those who disliked it. But, he was resolute to make it big, and dropped the fist single "Sorry 2004". The chart smash was one of the most played R&B tracks of that year. Despite the fact that his following albums, I Need an Angel, The Return and Love Is did not gain much commercial success, Ruben Studdard returns with a promising album “Letters from Birmingham”. The new album will hit stores on March 13, 2012 through Shanachie Records.

Watch Music Video - Ruben Studdard’s New Song "June 28th (I'm Single)"

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Track List:

1."Letter 1"

2."Turn You Out"

3."Love Skies 1"

4."Wear Me"

5."Letter #2"

6."Pure Imagination"

7."Do It Right"

8."Today! (Hallelujah)"

9."Letter #3"

10."Twisted Love"

11."Rock Witcha"

12."All About You"

13."Letter #4"

14."Her 4 U"

15."What's the Reason"

16."June 28th (I'm Single)"