Rufus Wainwright Out of the Game, Jericho Rashida

Rufus Wainwright's underground following has progressively increased over the years since his self titled album released in the 90’s. One of the main reasons is that this person has a gift that is almost unrivaled in this era of lip synching and off the cuff pop music. His songs are packed with a sense of romance that many singers would be afraid to convey. Wainwright’s past albums cover a wide range of musical styles as he unifies components of the past from Broadway to Tin Pan Alley and flawlessly adds them to contemporary music. The obvious effort for him is to focus his versatile talent so it bonds with listeners.

If you are a skate-punk fanatic his music won't sit well with you. But mainstream music buffs would do well to give his new record “Out of the Game” a fair hearing. Which is produced by Mark Ronson and features guest artists such as Martha Wainwright, Andy Burrows and Nels Cline. “Out of the Game” is due for release on April 23, 2012. The new album will contain the following song list:

rufus wainwright, out of the game, cd, cover, image, dvd, deluxe 1."Out of the Game"




5."Welcome to the Ball"


7."Bitter Tears"

8."Respectable Dive"

9."Perfect Man"

10."Sometimes You Need"

11."Song of You"


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