Say Anything-Anarchy, My Dear-So Good, Sheep

Say Anything became internationally renowned with their second album ...Is a Real Boy, a very experimental record with uncanny, sometimes completely wallowing lyrics that were also very cool and remarkable surrounded in punk hooks and musical experimentation. Their third attempt “In Defense of the Genre” was written by their lead singer "Max Bemis, featured much more clear lyrics in yet another wonderfully written record that, while not every song was a huge hit, looking at it as one, was pretty much a good record. In 2009, the band released their self titled fourth studio album, featured much more up-beat songs, and it looked like a completely new version of the band.

Now they are back with another promising record titled “Anarchy, My Dear”. “So Good”, "Burn A Miracle", "Say Anything" were released as promotional singles from the album. If you like their different style of singing, memorable guitar hooks, and wild pot induced lyrics then you will probably like these songs. Say Anything will drop their new album Anarchy, My Dear on March 13, 2012.

Listen Say Anything' new song "Burn a Miracle"

Checkout the entire track list below:

1. "Burn a Miracle" (track length 3:54)

2. "Say Anything" (3:02)

3. "Night's Song" (3:44)

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4. "Admit It Again" (4:13)

5. "So Good" (4:29)

6. "Sheep" (2:55)

7. "Peace Out" (5:17)

8. "Overbiter" (3:27)

9. "Of Steel" (4:10)

10. "Anarchy, My Dear" (5:43)

11. "The Stephen Hawking" (7:39)