Short Circuit remake is in the works, set for 2013

Dimension Films has teamed up with Matt Lieberman and Tim Hill to bring their classic family movie “Short Circuit” back to the big screen in a contemporary version. Tim Hill, who directed the Hop and Alvin and the Chipmunks will direct the reboot while Matt Lieberman is onboard to pen the script. David Foster who produced the classic film, is attached to produce the upcoming Short Circuit remake. The film is currently in pre-production and expected to start filming later this year with a release date set somewhere in 2013.

For those who didn't see the original movie, Short Circuit was a pretty good film for its time. It is one of those classic movies that I enjoy viewing so much about a Nova Robotics, “Number Five”, a robot who was previously piece of a line of military arms, intended to twist the tide of war in our favor. However, he was struck by lightning one day, and as an outcome, started to think for himself rather than follow commands to slaughter and destroy. He eventually bumps into a woman who assists the robot develops a character, he just needs input (any data available) and to live his life, but the forces needs him back, as do his creators.

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