Terrorizer is back with Hordes of Zombies, Subterfuge

Extreme Noise Terror and Napalm Death are regularly praised for being Grindcore's godfathers, conversely Terrorizer were every bit as accountable for producing and publicizing this music genre. In other words, if Extreme Noise Terror and Napalm Death laid Grindcore's seeds subsequently watered them and aided them to grow and flourish. Consequently, they were all at the root of Grindcore's making. They were not only one of grindcore's first groups; they were also one of the first intense metal super bands. Two out of the four Terrorizer associates, David Vincent and Pete Sandoval, would shortly grow to be outstanding for their contribution in Morbid Angel, and the former member Jesse Pintando was apart of Napalm Death.

When Terrorizer formed, they shattered a lot of ground in the metal genre. However, they don't give that impression these days. No, their most recently released album “Darker Days Ahead” doesn't break any new ground, but there's really no death metal ground remaining which hasn't already been dominated. Plus, you can't ask a group to be more innovative if they've virtually produced a whole genre!

After almost six years since their last album “Darker Days Ahead”, Terrorizer is returned with a new record Hordes of Zombies, expected to hit stores on February 28, 2012.

Listen to Terrorizer's Subterfuge

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Song list:

1.Intro – (track length 01:54)

2.Hordes of Zombies – (03:34)

3.Ignorance and Apathy – (02:14)

4.Subterfuge – (02:03)

5.Evolving Era – (03:32)

6.Radiation Syndrome – (02:11)

7.Flesh to Dust – (02:24)

8.Generation Chaos – (02:13)

9.Broken Mirrors – (03:15)

10.Prospect of Oblivion – (03:33)

11.Malevolent Ghosts – (03:06)

12.Forward to Annihilation – (02:05)

13.State of Mind – (03:25)

14.A Dying Breed – (03:54)