Xbox, Buy Dragon’s Dogma to Get Early Access to RE6 Demo

If you are an avid video gamer, then you are probably awaiting to purchase a copy of the Capcom’s next video game Dragon’s Dogma when it comes out on May 22, 2012. The game will contain a onetime-use code to access a demo version of the highly anticipated video game Resident Evil 6. Xbox Live users will have a chance to access the RE6 Demo on July 03, 2012 while PSN users have wait more sixty days, till September 4, 2012 to access the trial.

The RE series built its name upon surviving horror, resolving puzzles, and working your way around terrible camera angles to discover objects that will ultimately assist your progress during the game. RE5 took a chance to reinvent the series and did it nicely, apart from some terrible writing and a few unclear textures. Now about three years later, Capcom decides to develop the foundation that RES5 made for the series with RE 6 for the next generation consoles.

Watch Resident Evil 6 reveal trailer

In the RE6, it has been a decade since the Raccoon City occurrence, and the President of the US has made up his mind to disclose the fact behind what occurred in the belief that it will control the present resurrection in bioterrorist activity. Read full story at the official website