David-Janet Peoples to Script Lone Wolf and Cub adaptation

David Webb and Janet Peoples have been hired by Kamala Films to write the script for the movie adaptation of Japanese Manga Series “Lone Wolf and Cub”, while Justin Lin has also been attached to direct the adaptation.

Until Dark Horse picked up to produce the complete series in the early twenties, LW&C had existed earlier as a Manga-mythos in Japan, where it started serialization in the seventies and continued for several years, producing six films and highly praise in its wake; but published infrequently and curtailed on western coast. Dark Horse's dedication to the series was a daring one - the story spanned twenty eight volumes.

The concept of LW&C is, in a word, interesting. A stoic Ronin wanders the landscape of prehistoric Japan, carrying his small child in a cart over mountains and through cities he travels, providing his distinctive services to those needy - and to those who can afford. The myth of Ogami Itto and his gifted son Daigoro becomes wider; he gives hope to the hopeless, justice for the bereft, and a chance of fairness in an uneven society.
LW&C, lone wolf and cub, cover, image