Frozen-Andersen's The Snow Queen gets Movie treatment

Disney Animation finally brings an animation adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s famous fairy tale “The Snow Queen” to the big screen, titled “Frozen” on November 27, 2013 release date. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Chris Buck will direct the adaptation and John Lasseter and Peter Del Vecho will produce it, and Kristen Bell will voice the lead role of Gerda.

The story follows Gerda and Kay, are close friends. One day while Kay is outside in the cold snow he bumps into the Snow Queen and she’s abducted him and then turns his heart into ice. Gerda, wondering where her best friend has gone or whether he is dead, Gerda embarks on a journey to find Kay. And, there her adventures begin.

This adaptation has been in-development for years now. It has been on/off since way back in 2002, but this time around it appears that the project is finally put back into active development.

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