Harald Zwart to Direct, Lily Collins to Star in City of Bones

Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments book series are highly praised and well-regarded that any movie adaptation is going to be well scrutinized and met with uncertainty. The same can be said with any other best selling novel brought to the silver screen, and for every successful effort, like the “The Twilight Saga” series, there's a stinker. The first novel in The Mortal Instruments series “City of Bones” (CoB) is currently in pre-production, and fans of the book series await with the usual mix of eagerness and apprehension. Will it meet their hopes? There is reason to be cheerful. Harald Zwart who directed the The Pink Panther 2 and The Karate Kid, is onboard to helm the “City of Bones” adaptation, while Lily Collins is attached to play the lead role of Clary Fray. The shooting is scheduled to start on August 15, 2012 in Toronto. No word yet on the film's release date.

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City of Bones follows a teenage girl named Clary Fray who unexpectedly meets a group of demon slayers in action at a NYC dance club. Clary is not certain who is more awful: the demon or the Shadow Hunters. But before she discovers who are the good ones and who are the bad ones, she finds herself spank in the middle of a war that's been rampant in the Underworld for a long time. And when Clary’s mother (Jocelyn Fray) is captured and taken to the den of one of the most evil Shadow Hunters of all, she must works together with a team of youngsters who hate her company as much as she hates theirs in order to save her mother.

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