HWM reunite for Exister, Mainline

After almost an eight-year hiatus since their last record “Caution” in 2004, Gainesville, Florida Punk Rockers ‘Hot Water Music’ return with new album “Exister”. HWM consists of Chris Wollard on vocals and guitar and Chuck Ragan also on vocals and guitar, George Rebelo on drums and Jason Black on bass. They are well-known for their rhythmic lead guitar and haunting chorus' that will stick in your mind for hours on end.

"Drag My Body" was the first single released from the upcoming album “Exister”. The vocals on the track aren’t as gruff as on their previous releases, but it still has that distinct sound. The production took some of the punch out of the song, but simultaneously the instruments sound much clearer than they did on their earlier releases. If you like lively, upbeat, inspired rock that will leave you singing along at once, this single is a must. The album will have thirteen tracks including "Mainline", "Boy, You're Gonna Hurt Someone", "State of Grace", "Down in It" and "Drag My Body". Exister won’t be out until May 15, 2012 but you can listen to "Drag My Body" below:

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