Ian Anderson Thick As a Brick 2 track list, new album

Even if Ian Anderson is getting older, he is still creating music that his fans will most obviously listen to. He looks to be having more difficulty hitting his higher notes, but another thing I consider people don't seem to realize is that, Ian cannot read music. Nor is he reluctant to admit so.

Though most of his contemporaries have either quit the scene altogether or persist to produce terrible new music as an excuse to tour, he goes on to produce elegant, thoughtful, melodious and gripping music.

Ian Anderson will drop his sixth solo album on April 2, 2012 through EMI records

Ian Anderson’s new album “Thick As a Brick 2” will contains the following songs:

1."From A Pebble Thrown"

2."Pebbles Instrumental"


4."Upper Sixth Loan Shark"

Official TAAB 2 trailer

5."Banker Bets, Banker Wins"

6."Swing It Far"

7."Adrift And Dumfounded"

8."Old School Song"

9."Wootton Bassett Town"

10."Power And Spirit"

11."Give Till It Hurts"

ian anderson, thick as a brick 2, new, album, cd, cover 12."Cosy Corner"

13."Shunt And Shuffle"

14."A Change Of Horses"


16."Kismet In Suburbia"

17."What-ifs, Maybes And Might-have-beens