M5 and Wiz Khalifa team up for Payphone-Overexposed

Rapper Wiz Khalifa will do guest vocals on Maroon 5’s new single Payphone from their upcoming album “Overexposed”. Wiz is also said to be featuring "Till I Die" from Chris Brown's upcoming album Fortune.

M5’s Overexposed was executive produced by Max Martin and it will have ten brand new songs including One More Night, Beautiful Goodbye and Payphone, and it is slated to drop on June 26, 2012. According to M5’s lead singer / songwriter Adam Levine, their upcoming album will be their most diverse and poppiest album yet.

It's been a long time coming for Adam Levine and the rest of M5. With their last two efforts, they have surpassed the mark. They have not only excelled in showing they very well mean to stay, but in differentiating themselves from every other band out there right now. Their style is unique, diverse and theirs alone. Remarkably, they managed well to carry their unique sound into their second and third albums without making them seem that you were still listening to their debut album. And as with that album, I liked the tracks that aren't yet, or I imagine eventually won't be played on the radio, and that's all right because odds are they would play them into the ground in any case.

Adam is a talented musician who deserves his props. Melodically, the sound carries on down its path of being unique and tight and lively (it's hard not to seat dance while driving to "Never Gonna Leave This Bed", and is the glue, like their last two records, that holds their perceptible artwork together. Hopefully they will continue to pursue that trend with Overexposed and top their last one.

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