Master of My Make Believe-Santigold back with Follow up album

Santi White, or better known by Santigold is unlike any other artists in the music industry right now, and is one of the most talked about singers since her self-titled debut album in 2008. Her talent has been highly praised by both critics and fellow singers alike, and she's been compared to MIA and Karen O. One's first thought would be that Santi is an R&B artist, but she is far from it. She in fact mixes together wide range of musical styles on her first record ranging from Indie Rock, Electronica, to Ska Pop. Although she has a lot of different influences on that CD, she really finds a way to make it all mix and work together well without it being messed up. So even though each track is fairly different from the previous one, they all end up making that record sound like one solid work of art.

If you haven't heard of her yet it's about time that you did. Santi will release her sophomore album “Master of My Make-Believe” on May 01, 2012. The album was produced with the collaboration of Switch and Diplo, David Sitek and Nick Zinner. "GO!", "Big Mouth", "Disparate Youth" and 'Make Believe' tracks were released from the album. She uses a nice selection of beats and hooks that get audience really grooving. For anybody who is in the mood for something different give these songs or album a try.

Listen to Santigold’s - Go (Feat. Karen O.)

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Master of My Make Believe will contain the following tracks:

Standard Edition

1. GO! (feat. Karen O)

2. Disparate Youth

3. God From The Machine

4. Fame

5. Freak Like Me

6. This Isn't Our Parade

7. The Riot's Gone

8. Pirate In The Water

9. The Keepers

10. Look At These Hoes

11. Big Mouth

Santigold –"Disparate Youth" Live!!

Deluxe Edition

1. Never Enough

2. Go! (Switch Remix)

3. Disparate Youth (The 2 Bears Remix)