Orbital Wonky available on Vinyl LP- Standard & Double CD

Orbital fans will be happy to hear that the band has remerged and currently working on their first album “Wonky”, since their last record “Blue Album” before disbanded in 2004. Wonky will be available to purchase on three formats, Vinyl LP, Standard CD and Double CD, on April 02, 2012. The duo released the lead single from their new album titled “New France” featuring singer songwriter Zola Jesus. "New France" is perhaps the greatest track to come out of electronica. It is lengthy, it is striking, and it gives off emotion. The memorable voice stays throughout, and the beat enhances the effect.

Phil and Paul Hartnoll, over the past two decade, either brought techno to pop or brought pop to techno. It doesn't really matter; during the 90’s their music always managed to be both brilliant and ground-breaking. Their last record touches on many of the different musical styles they produced since the late eighties. However it does lack consistency, except to say that all of the songs in some way hearken back to one style or another in their career. Sure, they always had the rare dissonant songs, but at their best, they produced high-quality music than just about any other techno band. Even when they produced slow, melancholy songs, the keyboards were constantly so fresh and pleasing as to raise one's spirits anyway, and when they were applied to crashing, fast dance anthems with hard-hitting beats, the result was sheer Ecstasy. So it's quite a surprise that their last record actually does not have much in the way of those bright-eyed tunes at all.

Listen to Orbital's “New France”

I started listening to electronica music with the Chemical Brothers. Listening to The Praga Khan and Orbital and a range of other musicians quickly followed. Of all the musicians, Orbital got my most attention over a long period of time and I ended up purchasing most of their available CDs. " Snivilisation" and " The Middle of Nowhere" became my favorite Orbital albums.

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Complete track list can be found at Orbital's Official Website