Sigur Ros announced Valtari-Ekki Mukk, Eg Anda

Sigur Ros is a group that defies description. Their music blends rock guitar, memorable vocals, and ingenuity to produce a sound that is mystical-- not quite rock, not quite easy listening. Try to picture what super intellectual would choose to listen to and you might have some idea what this Icelandic band sounds like. The simple fact of the matter is that they were introduced to the majority through their opening slot on Radiohead's Kid A live concert. Since then they have been praised and dismissed in almost all major music magazine in the globe with most judgments siding towards the former; and rightly so. For a group that's never released a song in English, it's a testimony to their ability to express feeling through music that most likely seventy five percent or more of their fans speak it as their native language and don't have a hint as to what Jón Þór is saying, despite if it were Icelandic or "Hopelandish". Considering as how Icelandic (never mind Hopelandish, Jón Þór's "fictitious" language) is not precisely on everyone's list of second languages you could argue that, if anything, they are more attached to the base principal of classical music than anything else. How else can you depict the link most fans relate with this band when they have totally no indication what is being said? Sigur Ros could get away with totally instrumental sets and never drop their relation with the fans.

It's been almost four years since they released their last full length album, and two year since their break up in 2010, Sigur Ros return with their sixth studio album “Valtari”, due for release on May 28, 2012. It was produced by Sigur Rós and Alex Somers, and "Ekki Múkk" was the first single to release from the album which you can listen to below:

List of songs as follows:

1. "Ég Anda"

2. "Ekki Múkk


3. "Varúð


4. "Rembihnútur"

5. "Dauðalogn"

6. "Varðeldur"

7. "Valtari"

8. "Fjögur Píanó"


  1. Nice article, although "All Alright", the final track on "Med sud i eyrum vid spilium endalaust" is in English.


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