Slash to drop Apocalyptic Love in May, You're a Lie, review

Slash is no stranger to joint effort. He has worked with world renowned artists such as Ray Charles, Alice Cooper, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and a host of other musicians over the years. His work with Guns N' Roses is well-known, his work with Velvet Revolver was prominent and his first solo album “Slash”, did a wonderful job of showing off his talent. His handy guitar skill is really put to the test when he attempts nearly every genre, aside from country. You might sense that this departure from the hard rock standard he has produced would diminish his playing, but actually it's the exact opposite... He blazes through every track with precision.

Slash recently revealed his second solo album Apocalyptic Love, features artists from his current band “Velvet Revolver” and it is produced by Eric Valentine. "You're a Lie" was released as the first single from the album. It is a bluesy, haunting vintage rocker that really wouldn't sound out-of-place on a new record.

Velvet Revolver will contain thirteen tracks written by Myles Kennedy and composed by Slash. And it is slated for release on May 22, 2012.

Listen to Slash's "You're a Lie"

Track list:

1. "Apocalyptic Love"

2. "One Last Thrill"

3. "Standing in the Sun"

4. "You're a Lie"

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5. "No More Heroes"

6. "Halo"

7. "We Will Roam"

8. "Anastasia"

9. "Not for Me"

10. "Bad Rain"

11. "Hard & Fast"

12. "Far and Away"

13. "Shots Fired"