Spiritualized new album Sweet Heart Sweet Light

The idea of blend the sounds of a rock band with an orchestra can be a very risky business. It tend to evoke memories of well-known rock symphonies, prog-rock at it's most overly ambitious and more often than not ends up in a total change in the music scene in about the time it takes to drop the name ‘Johnny Rotten’. Certainly, many bands have had marvelous string or orchestral arrangements added onto songs to give them that classic feeling. So it is rare to hear a group blend productively these sounds together where the orchestra is a vital part of each song. Well, I believe Spiritualized are not your average band. The origins of this sound could be heard on their earlier records.

Spiritualized is without doubt a love 'em or hate 'em group. Jason Pierce (a.k.a. J. Spaceman) writes and produces music for them, which is no small act given the wide range of sound and style. His music is harmonious and complex without being too exaggerated, but it's his remarkable lyrics that really set him apart from other artists

Sweet Heart Sweet Light will be Spiritualized’s seventh studio album, set for release on April 17, 2012. Sweet Heart Sweet Light will contain the following tracks:

Enjoy Spiritualized's new song "Hey Jane"- live

spiritualized, new, album, cd, Sweet Heart Sweet Light, cover, image 1."Hey Jane"

2."Little Girl"

3."Get What You Want"

4."Too Late"

5."Heading for the Top"


7."I Am What I Am"


9."Life Is a Problem"

10."So Long You Pretty Things"