Stalingrad-Accept to drop new record in April, Stalingrad

The New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene was a great time in heavy metal’s history, as lots of groups were able to bring forth many influences which would later persuade future metal scenes such as thrash and death. Judas Priest and Iron Maiden are the renowned UK bands that many music lovers think of, but Germany also played a crucial role in shaping heavy metal's history. The two most notable bands to come out of Germany at the time were the Scorpions and Accept. Accept has been around since late 70’s. Even if their third record “Breaker” gained them some worldwide recognition, it wasn't until their fourth attempt “Restless & Wild” that they recognized themselves as a true heavy metal power. They lasted up until the mid nineties and then split up for good. In 2010, the band re-formed with a new lead vocalist, Mark Tormillo replaced Udo Dirkschneider. Tormillo showcased his uncanny vocal talent in his first album “Blood of the Nations” with Accept and brought new life to the band.

They are currently working on their new album Stalingrad, set for release on April 6, 2012. Stalingrad will contain the following track list:

Listen to Accept's new song Stalingrad

1."Hung, Drawn and Quartered" - (track length 4:35)

2."Stalingrad" - (5:59)

3."Hellfire" - (6:07)

4."Flash to Bang Time" - (4:06)

5."Shadow Soldiers" - (5:47)

6."Revolution" - (4:08)

7."Against the World" - (3:36)

8."Twist of Fate" - (5:30)

9."The Quick and the Dead" - (4:25)

10."Never Forget" (bonus track)

11."The Galley" - (7:21)