This Machine-The Dandy Warhols to drop new album in April

Portland-based The Dandy Warhols: they have two very dissimilar sides. One is lyrically smart and like pop music very much. The other is loud, dark, and bass-heavy, with side of grunge and side of progressive rock. While some songs bring these sides as one, Pixies-style, generally they are quite separate. A lot of people seem to have first become aware of them with “Thirteen Tales” and "Monkey House," in which they appeared to be deliberately making their bid for rock super-stardom by reducing the long songs and focusing on the short pop things.

After four years since their eight studio album “The Dandy Warhols Are Sound”, they are back with a brand new album “This Machine”. "Well They're Gone" was released as the first single from the album. You can download the full song for free from their official website. This Machine is scheduled for release on April 24, 2012.

Listen to The Dandy Warhols - Well They're Gone

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Complete track list:

1. "Sad Vacation"

2. "The Autumn Carnival"

3. "Enjoy Yourself"

4. "Alternative Power To The People"

5. "Well They're Gone"

6. "Rest Your Head"

7. "16 Tons"

8. "I Am Free"

9. "Seti vs. The Wow! Signal"

10. "Don't Shoot She Cried"

11. "Slide"