CD Track List Elliott Yamin Lets Get to Whats Real

Fans of the show Season 5 "AI" introduced on the rise singer-songwriter, Elliott Yamin, to the world will agree on one undeniable truth about his recent releases, on those, he chosen a mixture of songs that made an impression on him artistically and showed off his wide range of vocal styles. It is evident that he used that same approach in the making of his earlier releases. An eclectic yet solid blend of pop, soul, R&B and adult contemporary songs, his music has something for everyone-from the melancholy to the get-up-and-dance.

Today, Elliott Yamin dropped his fourth album Let's Get to What's Real, the CD contains the following tracks:

1. Gather 'round (Track Length 4:10)

2. Self Control 2:20

3. Thinkin' 'bout You 3:47

4. Let's Get To What's Real 3:47

5. Poison 3:15

6. Downtown 3:50

7. Enough Love 3:33

8. Up, Down, All Around 3:31

9. I'll Be That Bridge 4:15

10. Virginia 4:14

11. 3 Words 3:50

Watch Elliott Yamin's 3 Words - Official Music Video

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