Christian Metal Band DH back with True Defiance

It's been a little over two years since “The World Is a Thorn” was released and we now have Demon Hunter's sixth album “True Defiance” produced by Aaron Sprinkle. The new album is set for release on April 10, 2012 through Solid State Records. DH will release three versions of the same record, which include a standard edition contains eleven tracks, a fan / special edition, and an ultimate collector's deluxe edition. “My Destiny” is the first single released from their upcoming album. The single has both aspects that the band assured. While some things are different, it's a typical Demon Hunter's number. It begins with screaming and heavy guitars that dwindles away to a slower chorus with Ryan's brilliant vocals.

If you are an enthusiast of heavy metal music in general and have an open mind, I highly recommend DH, and not just “My Destiny” single, but their entire records. If you are searching for some good Christian Metal Songs with a positive meaning, DH is it. Their lyrics are all the time about God, but they are not preachy. They offer a good mix of light and shade. Most of their singles offer wicked, heavy guitars blended with powerful, rumbling vocals from Ryan; yet the numbers are a lot fused with emo-type choruses with "clean" vocals. Ryan's screaming vocals are terrific; his usual singing voice is evenly as good.

demon hunter, dh, true defiance, standard, cd, image, coverdemon hunter, dh, true defiance, standard, cd, image

demon hunter, dh, true defiance, deluxe, edition, cd, cover