Chronicle Comes Out on Home Video in May

Chronicle movie is coming out on home video just four-month after its theatrical release. Amazon has already started taking pre-orders for the release of Chronicle on DVD/Blu-ray with a May 15th release date, though there is no official word from the 20th Century Fox about details of the home video release yet.

The low-budgeted found footage film was a breakout hit, grossing over $116 million worldwide. Even though the genre of the "found footage films" came out over the past several years, "Chronicle" manages to stay on top. It is not really a found footage flick since the tape was never supposed to be missing, but it's basically in the same sphere as the other films. It is different in a way, because the idea here is not to scare you.

The story follows three high school students who stumble upon something mysterious, and find themselves in control of powers that let them to hold things with their minds. The three choose to exercise their powers for fun and think it's best not to allow anyone to find out about them. That excitement and the mystery that they longing might not last for long once they cross a threshold that they never believed would have to.

The film did just about everything that I wanted it to do. I was amazed by the fact that it was darker than I anticipated, but that was a welcome surprise. The story, the film's making and the action break new ground here. They throw a bunch of stuff into this flick and made it work. That's a success in and of itself when you look at how short the story is. This is a much better flick with lots of unique qualities and it had no troubles with being dissimilar. That's rare to stumble upon in Hollywood movies these days.

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