Dark Souls features new Weapons, Armor-PC System Specs

Following the Dark Souls released on Xbox and PS3, many fans of the game asked for it with a petition calling for a PC version. Finally, they have listened to you as the developer and publisher Namco Bandai confirmed that they will bring the PC version of the game on August 24, 2012. The game will be renamed as DARK SOULS: PREPARE TO DIE EDITION and it will be featuring all the gameplay that has been found on the Xbox and PS3 versions with some additional features such as New Bosses, enhanced PVP mode, New Areas, New Enemies, New NPCs, New Weapons and Armor and more. The official System Requirements for the Dark Souls have not been released yet, but I can assure you that the PC Specs will be very reasonable.

It is an action-RPG video game set in a dark fantasy world. The gamers who have played the "Demon's Souls" will find that greater part of the fundamental mechanics are the same here. The gameplay is about fifty to seventy hours long through your opening play through if you seize the time to walk around and perform most of the things the game has to offer. The bestiary is brilliant there are many types of enemies with various weak points, so what works best for one type of enemy may not work so well on other ones. The complexity is much higher than the "Demon's Souls", but not to the point that makes you fury quit after each enemy. It is well balanced so that if you take the time to gain knowledge of your opponents attack pattern and their whereabouts you'll have a greater chance of wining. Even if you are new to Dark souls and are not confident and are thinking about picking up this one when its out on PC, do so I strongly recommend it. It has no story connection to Demon souls so there is no need to play that game.

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