Electra Heart-Marina back with Sophomore album, Lies

Few musicians have the same degree of quality in the current world as Marina and the Diamonds. I have been listening to her since her first record. She sings about things that most other artists would not touch with a ten foot pole, being self-offensive and ruthless in a way that reminds me a bit of Fiona Apple, though they sound nothing similar. Marina and the Diamonds’ last record has gone gold and has earned several top forty hits in the UK but never got such popularity in the US. This is a shame, taking into account that has released quite an exhilarating record. On that album, she showed her resourcefulness in such a way as to demonstrate to the contemporary listener the singer's distinctive vocal talent to sound like nails on chalkboard, but in a better way. In fact, her voice in any other circumstances would sound quite horrid, but in those tracks, her addition softens the blow of her sharp voice, making an almost strange feeling.

"Primadonna", the first single from her upcoming album Electra Heart, demonstrate her unique ability to use this vocal talent effectively, and also the production is solid here, and it harmonizes the song well and supports her singing.

Watch Marina and the Diamonds - Primadonna (Acoustic on Joiz TV)

Marina and the Diamonds will drop her sophomore album on April 30, 2012 through 679, Atlantic. The new album will contain the following songs (standard edition):

1. "Bubblegum Bi**h"

2. "Primadonna"

3. "Lies"

4. "Homewrecker"

5. "Starring Role"

6. "The State of Dreaming"

7. "Power & Control"

8. "Living Dead"

9. "Teen Idle"

10. "Valley of the Dolls"

11. "Hypocrates"

12. "Fear and Loathing"