Hurt The Crux Singles-Numbers, So When Eden Cuffed Adonai

I personally believe that music at present faces a lack of originality and uniqueness which is well-established within the verbal message - both in the song and the quality of the lyrics. Hurt is a talented band, as not only does it produce a solid music, but cares for its fans with lyrics which are inspiring through its profound messages within superbly crafted stories. I have no doubt that it is the story telling role they take as a group that strengthens its success. Like its last album “Goodbye to the Machine”, Hurt continues to generate astounding stories within each track at the same time as messing up us with classical strings, chords and acoustics within even the heaviest singles on the record.

Their sound is unique and diverse that for this reason it is difficult to target them to one particular style. If you are into metal, rock or alternative music, then you will probably like this band.

Hurt will release their sixth full-length studio album “The Crux” on May 01, 2012 through Carved Records and "How We End Up Alone" will sever as the first single from the new album. The Crux will have the following songs:

1. "So When" (track length 3:57)

2. "Eden" (4:21)

3. "Links and Waves" (1:15)

4. "Sally Slips" (4:45)

5. "When It's Cold" (4:07)

6. "Adonai" (6:38)

7. "Caught In the Rain" (4:34)

8. "Cuffed" (4:00)

9. "How We End Up Alone" (4:07)

10. "Numbers" (3:09)

11. "The Seer" (3:43)

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