John 5 God Told Me To tracklist

John 5 is a gifted artiste who doesn't get the recognition he deserves. Who else could bring together banjos with extreme metal guitar riffs and bass and make it amazing? In the past eight years or so, he has found the time to produce five solo albums with many prominent guest stars other than his work with Marilyn and Rob. Although you're not a follower of Marilyn and Rob, you should check out his records. Even if the influences of both can be heard on his records, his earlier materials offer quite a lot more. John 5 himself has a death metal emergence with, dyed hair, lipstick, and nail, but don't be put off by it.

John 5 will release his sixth solo album titled God Told Me To on May 8, 2012 through 60 Cycle Hum/Rocket Science Ventures. According to John 5, his upcoming album features acoustic covers of most popular songs as well as some heavy songs. See the track list below:

1. "Welcome to Violence"

2. "Beat It"

3. "Ashland Bump"

4. "Killafornia"

5. "The Castle"

6. "The Hill of the Seven Jackals"

7. "Noche Acosador"

8. "The Lust Killer"

9. "The Lie You Live"

10. "Creepy Crawler"

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