John Carter on DVD and Bluray, review

John Carter is an adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' source material, which started in serialized form in the early nineties and would finally be merged into the first of eleven books. It has been an inspiration for many years to everyone from other great science fiction authors to well-known filmmakers. The adaptation manages to capture the essence of the character and produce a great traditional adventure story. The whole thing is plain and clear-cut driving the plot along.

The story follows John Carter who is a soldier wakes up in a strange world packed with weird animals. Not knowing where he is, he walks around and eventually learns that he has developed some powers and skills that he never had before in his life. After stumble upon Tars Tarkas, he becomes entwined in an adventure that he wasn't looking forward to. John then encounters even more danger and intrigue when he bumps into Dejah Thoris, a princess of this planet that thinks he can defend her planet from what appears to be a supreme force.

The film stays true to the source material. It is heavy on action but lacking in character development. The action is well paced and designed. The storyline has some complexity that gives out well to move the actions along. The acting is somewhat good, and the leads are suitably pretty. The CGI effects do a nice work of bringing the animated characters to life and hold their own relatively well compared to the live actors.

The movie is a welcome revelation but it fails to reach wider audience due to poor marketing so the filmmakers are desperately trying to cover their loss, and now you can pre-order the Home Video discs not even a month from its theatrical release date.

The DVD will be available for US$ 29.99 (SRP) and the combo pack (Bluray 3D/ Bluray/ DVD) will sale for US$ 49.99(SRP). The releases will contain special features such as Blu-ray Feature Film + Bonus, DVD Feature Film + Bonus, Digital Copy of Feature Film and more.
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