MCS will drop GO in June-Tracklist, Son Of A Gun-Timelines

For a group of teenagers who began almost a decade ago with very little credit, Motion City Soundtrack (MCS) entered the music industry with I AM THE MOVIE, their debut studio album. Since then they have acquired quite a following, blooming from unknowns to staples in the indie music scene. It's not easy for a group to toe the line between staying true to their original roots while moving forward in both writing and musicianship. MCS managed to update their style while staying true to their original sound. But if you are looking for a pop punk sound, you may be let down with their recent efforts. While a majority of their earlier stuff had a grittier sound, they have certainly gotten a bit poppier.

MCS will drop their fifth studio album titled “GO” on June 12, 2012 through The Boombox Generation and Epitaph Records. “GO” will contain the following track list:

1. Circuits And Wires – (track length 3:07)
2. True Romance – (3:21)
3. Son Of A Gun – (3:20)
4. Timelines – (4:04)
5. Everyone Will Die – (2:46)
6. The Coma Kid – (3:30)
7. Boxelder – (3:20)
8. The Worst Is Yet To Come – (3:56)
9. Bad Idea – (3:04)
10. Happy Anniversary – (4:17)
11. Floating Down The River – (3:09)

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