NAS Upcoming CD-Life is Good Rap Music Tracks, Nasty Daughters

When Nas released his debut album nearly two decades ago it was the most anticipated record of that year. Since then he's been one of the most talented Rap artists around. Blessed with a terrific rap-style, incredible verses and with elegant and well written lyrics, there are few competitors that can face him in the world of Hip Hop. With time he has gained a reputation as some sort of Hip Hop theorist that care about the people, politics and is also smarter then average rapper. He deserves respect for his talent, and he is esteemed within the Hip Hop fans but writing better lyrics that makes sense regrettably doesn't always gain respect or record sales and some of his recent efforts were greatly underrated. Perhaps he is too smart for his own good or merely that Rap Music Style has changed greatly through the past couple of years that the genre that he stands for isn't as popular anymore?, well surely it's a mixture. A great deal of Hip Hop lately is very money-making and not always so deep.

Nas will release his tenth studio album “LIFE IS GOOD”, last record under label Def Jam, on July 17, 2012. The upcoming album will feature guest appearance by Hodgy Beats, The Creator, Tyler, Frank Ocean and Anthony Cruz (AZ). “LIFE IS GOOD” tracks will include the following songs:

The Don

NAS New Song Nasty - Live

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  1. To be able to expert enthusiasts connected with reputation as well as hip-hop, it seems like lifetimes back in which Nas primary presented a glance connected with his or her skillsets being a attribute on Principal Source's 1991 monitor Are living On the BBQ. Organized through MC Serch, that is awarded while using the discovery of the A queen indigenous, this passage jam-packed a serious hand techinque connected with ingenious metaphors as well as musical potential. Twenty years as well as eight alone collections later on, most of us seem again for the vocation connected with one of the greatest and many influential rappers for you to ever take hold of that particular microphone stand, and appearance on the future at the musician who exhibits no symptoms connected with slowing. "Life Is Good" rapper, 2012


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