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The Canadian rock trio Rush deserve so much respect to be around for almost four decades as a band is simply remarkable to still have the same group members since mid-70s making music and selling out venues is astonishing. One of the most estimable things about them is that they have been making their own style of music and never embrace by the pop culture or concern with the charts; instead, they walk to their own beat, playing the sort of music that they want to play. Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart, and Geddy Lee have continued to progress, reformulating their style with just about every new record. Every stage in their musical progression has its fans. Usually, a new material is a shock for those familiar with their earlier sound. Only after listening to their latest set of songs for a time you get used to the new Rush and accept it; until the next CD comes along.

Every Rush fan in the world impatiently waits the day they release a new material and launch another tour. It's been over five years since they released their last album "Snakes & Arrows” and on June 12, 2012, they will release their 20th studio effort “CLOCKWORK ANGELS” (CA) via Anthem/Roadrunner records.

CLOCKWORK ANGELS CD will contain twelve songs clocking in at about 66 minutes, and produced in collaboration with the producer Nick Raskulinecz. All songs written by Lifeson and Lee, with lyrics by Peart. The band will also release a FANPACK edition, which comprises the complete new list of songs plus a 132 page booklet featuring song titles/credits, song lyrics, odd pictures, interview with co-producer Nic Raskulinecz and more.

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"Caravan" and "BU2B" both singles were released from the album in 2010. The fist single begins with an ominous downward synthesizer progression then explodes into a haunting riff that will instantly get your head bobbing. Following the first half of the lyric there is a sudden time alteration that really threw me off. I had to listen multiple times before I could follow it. The last half of the track is pretty decent, instrumental and progressive. BU2B is much heavier than the other song but is quite accessible upon first listen. The song is pounding: thrashing beat, buzzing guitar mix with meaningful lyrics. The song wraps up in such a way that only RUSH could deliver.

Watch Rush's "Carnies" - LIVE

Watch Rush's "BU2B" - LIVE

Clockwork Angels Complete Track Listing:

1. "Caravan" (Track Length) 5:40

2. "BU2B" 5:10

3. "Clockwork Angels" 7:31

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4. "The Anarchist" 6:52

5. "Carnies" 4:52

6. "Halo Effect" 3:14

7. "Seven Cities of Gold" 6:32

8. "The Wreckers" 5:01

9. "Headlong Flight" 7:20

10. "BU2B2" 1:28

11. "Wish Them Well" 5:25

12. "The Garden" 6:59

Total Track Length 66:04 minutes


  1. i'm going to my 1st BTR concert on Feb 22..I'm a huge fan of Rush. I have all of their cds and dvds . I always do! i also got tickets and I’ve missed the first time they were in Colorado cuz my cousins were in town and my parents wouldn't take me.

  2. I have never seen Rush in concert, and feel like I need to mark that off my bucket list before one of them dies :P tickets went on sale today at , anyone else going to Charlotte?


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