Alan Jackson Hottest CD 30 Miles West Out in June, Zac Brown

Alan Jackson will eventually sink in country music history mainly for the music he produce for his old label Arista records, while we believe that he still has some brilliant music to come, whichever the record label he signs for. The songs from his previous Arista record, Freight Train, didn't do as well as those from his prior records. Initially, I speculated if radio stations were losing interest, but perhaps his old label is switching its focus to younger singers.

Alan Jackson will drop his seventieth album Thirty Miles West through his new record label EMI Nashville on June 5, 2012. The album is produced by his longtime collaborator Keith Stegall and will feature Zac Brown. Long Way to Go will serve as lead off single and So You Don't Have to Love Me Anymore was released as the 2nd single from the album.

30 Miles West CD will contain the following tracks

1. "Gonna Come Back as a Country Song"

2. "You Go Your Way"

3. "Everything but the Wings"

4. "Talk Is Cheap"

5. "So You Don't Have to Love Me Anymore"

6. "Look Her in the Eye and Lie"

7. "Dixie Highway" (featuring Zac Brown)

8. "She Don't Get High"

9. "Her Life's a Song"

10. "Nothin' Fancy"

11. "Long Way to Go"

12. "Life Keeps Bringing Me Down"

13. "When I Saw You Leaving (For Nisey)"

Enjoy Alan Jackson's "Long Way to Go" - Live

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Alan Jackson, cd, Love Me Anymore, single, cover, image, new, album

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