Americana: Neil Young and Crazy Horse Back with Some Classic Hits

For over four decades, Neil Young played virtually what he wanted, with regard for whether or not it was "money-making". Irrespective of their attitude, Neil Young and Crazy Horse managed to chalk up a vast string of songs, and a large number of fans. While Young and his group are thankful for the support, they still decline to sellout and produce comfortable pop tunes. Instead, once in a while, they unleash a thunderbolt. The last time we heard from the band was during the release of Greendale, that was about nine years ago. Now, they are back with a new album “Americana” contains some classic hits such as “This Land Is Your Land" and "Oh Susannah" plus some new recordings. The complete tracklist is as follows:

1."Oh Susannah" - (track length 5:03)

2."Clementine" - (5:43)

3."Tom Dula" - (8:14)

4."Gallows Pole" - (4:15)

5."Get a Job" - (3:02)

6."Travel On" - (6:47)

7."High Flyin' Bird" - (5:31)

8."Jesus' Chariot (She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain)" - (5:39)

9."This Land Is Your Land" - (5:27)

10."Wayfarin’ Stranger" - (3:08)

11."God Save the Queen" - (4:09)

Neil Young & Crazy Horse: Oh Susannah

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Americana is now available for pre-order on Amazon