Amy MacDonald to Drop Life in a Beautiful Light in June

Amy MacDonald is no doubt a talented singer and songwriter with a great voice. Of all the greatest records to emerge in recent years, Amy’s debut and sophomore albums certainly qualify as a nice surprise. For once, a grown-up young singer writes and performs music that is pleasing for all, not just for the ever-desirable teen listeners. Amy's deep, classy voice is undeniably one of her main assets, and gives the music a very listenable quality that should go with a wide range of moods.

Amy will drop her third album “Life in a Beautiful Light”, as the follow-up to her sophomore album “A Curious Thing (2010)”, on June 11, 2012 through Melodramatic / Mercury records. "Slow It Down" was released as the lead song off of the album. It was written by Amy and produced by Pete Wilkinson, the person who served as the producer on the entire record.

Life in a Beautiful Light Track list

1. "4th of July"

2. "Pride"

3. "Slow It Down"

4. "The Furthest Star"

5. "The Game"

6. "Across the Nile"

7. "The Days of Being Young and Free"

8. "Left That Body Long Ago"

9. "Life in a Beautiful Light"

10. "Human Spirit"

11. "The Green and the Blue"

12. "In the End"

13. "Two Worlds" (hidden track)

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