The Best of Kylie Minogue 2012 featuring Greatest Hits, review

Although many people in the US only know Kylie Minogue as that cute diva who emerged from nowhere with a pair of hit tracks in early twenties, she has actually been in the music business for a remarkably quarter-century with creative twists and turns. To celebrate her two and a half decades in the music scene, she started a year-long celebration early this year known as "K25". As part of her celebration, Kylie will drop a compilation CD/DVD “The Best of Kylie Minogue” on June 19, 2012. It will feature 21 hits (acoustic and orchestral versions) spanning her career.

1. “The Best of Kylie Minogue” kicks off with the chart topper "Can't get you out of my head" from her 2001 album "Fever." It became one of the bestselling singles of that year as well as topping several countries around Europe. It is a great dance track with cool beats and catchy hook. Maybe not the most brilliant lyrics but you won't get it out of your head for a moment.

2. “Spinning Around” taken from her 7th studio album Light Years (2000). It was written by pop sensation PAULA ABDUL. “Spinning Around” is an upbeat song with such melancholic approach that focuses on every feeling on reconstructing your way after a misstep in love.

3. “I Should Be So Lucky” taken from her self titled album (1988). It is one of her signature and most popular songs from her debut album with her cutesy lyrics, and the video is entertaining, with its girl-next-door flavor.

4. “Love At First Sight” The 3rd smash international hit taken from her eight studio album "Fever". It is the 2nd song promoted to US as a single. Reaching into the top 40, it was her 5th top 40 single, following the top 10 success of "Can't Get You Out Of My Head".

5. “In Your Eyes” take the audience to a time when dance was king and rap was just talk on the streets. Again, the single is taken from her bestselling album "Fever".

6. “Kids (with Robbie Williams)” the third single from her 7th studio album Light Years, a duet with Robbie Williams, is a rock-pop song about been purely in love with rock music.

7. “Better The Devil You Know” the leadoff single off the album “Rhythm of Love”, remains up till now one of the gems in her crown, a track so utterly energetic you'll tire out yourself just listening to it.

8. “All The Lovers” the first single from the most recent album Aphrodite (2010), is an instant classic, right up there with her other greatest hits.

9. “Give Me Just A Little More Time” this track was released as the third single from her fourth album Let's Get to It. A pop song, but catchy to sing and it is a cover version of the Chairman of the Board's original song.

10. “Celebration” cover version of the Kool & the Gang original song which appeared on Kylie's 2005 album “Ultimate Kylie” reached at number 20 in the UK and number 21 in Australia. One of her least commercially success tracks, it has been quoted many times as one of her favorite singles.

11. “Slow” The lead-single off the album Body Language (2003), featuring a deep bass and having just right vocals, it becomes memorable after a several listens. Its video, which is a feast for the eyes, is also on the disc.

12. “Red Blooded Woman” this one also taken from the album Body Language, a mid tempo confident, R&B flavored track sure to keep dance floors moving!

13. “I Believe In You” the first single from Kylie’s second greatest hits collection, Ultimate Kylie (2004). It is a nice love single and has a touching techno beat to it.

Kylie Minogue - "On a Night Like This"

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14. “On A Night Like This” the second single off Light Years (2000). It is an instant catchy dance hit written and produced by Metro.

15. “Confide In Me” first song from her fifth album, a pop track really mature which seems to have Arabic sounds too.

16. “Get Outta My Way” a typical Kylie pop track and dance-pop at its best. This was released as the second song from her eleventh studio album, Aphrodite. It is an up tempo and fast paced memorable song with elements of synthpop integrated.

17. “The Loco-Motion” it's a wonderful remake of Little Eva’s 1962 hit taken from Kylie’s debut album.

18. “Tears On My Pillow” like the majority of her covers, this is an outstanding rendition taken from her second album, Enjoy Yourself.

19. “Wow” became a U.S. chart hit, reached at number 19 on the Hot Dance Airplay chart, and got a great dance and feel good quality to it. It is taken from her tenth studio album X (2007).

20. “In My Arms” more of a disco track and the lyrics are simple and catchy. This one also taken from her tenth studio album, X.

21. “Never Too Late” is a great closing song, an emotionally upbeat track taken from her second album, Enjoy Yourself.