The Graveyard Book adaptation in Preproduction

The Walt Disney Studios has just bought the film rights to bring Neil Gaiman’s best selling and award wining children's fantasy book to the silver screen. Ron Howard, who is best known for directing Da Vinci Code is on-board to direct the adaptation while Ben Browning and Gil Netter are attached to produce the film. Disney is currently searching for a screenwriter to pen the script for The Graveyard Book. There's no word yet on a release date, as it's still in the preproduction stages, but hopefully we won't have to wait too long.

The story begins with the brutal attack on Owens family, during the attack their nameless infant manages to getaway by wandering across the road to the cemetery where he'll find protection for years to come. He is adopted by a newly-formed ghostly couple who loved children. They feel compelled to protect the boy from the murderer, and along the way they educate him stuff about both sides of the cemetery. But regardless of the enjoyments of his odd life among the ghosts, he is still bullied by forces beyond the safe zone of the cemetery. Make sure to check back “” regularly for more updates!

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