Kris Allen Thank You Camellia TYC Deluxe Fan Acoustic EP Tracks

Kris Allen displayed his musical talent on AI and finally, won the title. In a show where it given the impression that Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey would be competing against each another, Allen's out of character, terrific spin on "Heartless" placed him in the finals. Even more astonishing, he defeated the highly talented Lambert, a steady front runner before the top thirteen. From the AI, we find out that he has an ear for music and is brilliant at arranging songs, and is a very talented songwriter as well. His flair for strong melodies shined through on singles he co-wrote, of which there were several cuts on his last self titled debut album. It was very heavily built on guitar and piano, and his simple and untouched vocals only harmonized that sound.

After three years since his debut album, Kris Allen is back with his sophomore effort "Thank You Camellia" (TYC), set for release on May 22, 2012. The Vision of Love will serve as the lead single off of their new album. The standard edition of the album contains eleven tracks while the Deluxe Edition will have fourteen songs and the Fan Version will include nineteen tracks comprising the standard edition plus three bonus songs and five acoustic singles.

Track List

Standard Edition

1. "Better With You"

2. "The Vision of Love"

Kris Allen, Thank You Camellia, TYC, new album, cd, cover, image
3. "My Weakness"

4. "Out Alive"

5. "Monster"

6. "Blindfolded"

7. "Teach Me How Love Goes"

8. "Rooftops"

9. "Leave You Alone"

10. "Loves Me Not" (featuring Meiko)

11. "You Got a Way"

 Kris Allen performing his new singles "Better With You" and "The Vision of Love" - live

Deluxe Edition

12. "Turn the Pages"

13. "Fighters"

14. "The Vision of Love" (Maison & Dragen Radio Remix)

Fan Edition

15. "Shut That Door" (Acoustic)

16. "The Vision of Love" (Acoustic)

17. "Better with You" (Acoustic)

18. "Out Alive" (Acoustic)

19. "Leave You Alone" (Acoustic)