Morissette Havoc and Bright Lights-H&BL Guardian Lens

The Canadian born Grammy winner Alanis Morissette is a very gifted singer with a flair for distinctiveness. The way she conveys her emotions, feelings, etc. are superbly arranged and packed into astonishing lyrics, which are accompanied by great melodies. Not only has she stood her ground in the music scene, being a sole singer with her own approach to life, Alanis has put nearly all of this together by herself!! She doesn't grieve and rejoice love in every single hit, making the record a sentimental, idealistic - she addresses real-life incidents and blasts us away with her music. She's exceptionally in-depth in her compositions, triggering contemplation and creating your look at life from a different angle. She's pragmatic and absolutely baring her soul in her music.

It's been a four years since her last effort “Flavors of Entanglement”, Alanis Morissette is back with her new album Havoc and Bright Lights”. The new album is produced by Guy Sigsworth and Joe Chiccarelli, and "Guardian" will serve as the first single from the album. Havoc and Bright Lights is set for release on August 28, 2012.

The album will have the following Tracks:

1. "Guardian"

2. "Woman Down"

3. "Til You"

4. "Celebrity"

5. "Empathy"

6. "Lens"

7. "Spiral"

8. "Numb"

9. "Havoc"

10. "Win and Win"

11. "Receive"

12. "Edge of Evolution"

Alanis Morissette Guardian

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