The Only Place-Best Coast to drop 2nd Album on May 15, review

Best Coast has been making a considerable buzz over the past couple of years or so with their first effort Crazy for You and some underground hit songs. With their sophomore album “The Only Place”, the band delivers a compilation of pop songs in a lo-fi sonic haze that put forward the raw energy and youthful liveliness blend with the sweet tunes. This is pop of the bubblegum mixture to be certain, but it's not your typical band. It's pop with a little twisted soul. Some of listeners may be let down by the insufficient scope of the record's subject matter and the repetitive lyrics, though this is the sound of a group just beginning to understand its prospective and not stepping outside its comfort zone as it shapes its distinctiveness.

The official release date for the Best Coast’s new album “The Only Place” is set for May 15, 2012.

Track list – Standard edition

1. "The Only Place"

2. "Why I Cry"

3. "Last Year"

4. "My Life"

5. "No One Like You"

6. "How They Want Me to Be"

7. "Better Girl"

8. "Do You Love Me Like You Used To"

9. "Dreaming My Life Away"

10. "Let's Go Home"

11. "Up All Night”

Best Coast performing The Only Place live

The Only Place, Best Coast, new, album, cd, cover
Australian edition

12. "How They Want Me to Be"

13. "Storms"

14. "Angsty"

iTunes edition

12. "Mean Girls"

13. "Angsty"