P.O.D. back with new Metal album Murdered Love, Eyez, Higher

If you're novel to heavy metal, but fond of rap / rock, then P.O.D. possibly what you've been looking for. They dropped two early records before hitting mainstream with their third effort "The Fundamental Elements of Southtown", then went in to chart huge hits with fourth album "Satellite". When you think of them chances are that two hits will jump to mind - "Youth of the Nation" and "Satellite". The fourth and the other successive albums also had a couple of hits. On their 7th album “When Angels & Serpents Dance”, the band teamed up with original guitarist Marcos Curiel and bravely go in a new direction, and managed to deliver their most mature and most unique attempt to date.

P.O.D. are back after a little over four years with their original band members Sonny Sandoval, Wuv Bernardo, Traa Daniels and Marcos Curiel and their 8th studio album “Murdered Love”, a follow-up to their 7th studio album. "Lost in Forever" will serve as the lead single off the album, which peaked at # 23 on the mainstream rock charts. “Murdered Love” is scheduled for release on July 10, 2012.

Track list

1. "Eyez" (featuring Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed)

2. "Murdered Love" (featuring Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm)

3. "Higher"

4. "Lost in Forever"

POD, new, album, Murdered Love, cd, cover, image
5. "West Coast Rock Steady" (featuring Sen Dog of Cypress Hill)

6. "Beautiful"

7. "Babylon the Murderer"

8. "On Fire"

9. "Bad Boy"

10. "Panic & Run"

11. "I Am"

P.O.D. - Lost in Forever