Richard Marx Inside My Head 2-disc Collection CD Track List

One would most likely never imagined that eighties chart topper Richard Marx to still be around making music, much less being successful and getting considerable attention and critical acclaim from the media. But that would be common for him. Never getting the recognition he so deserves. Though his chart-topping songs continued into the early nineties, his most famous songs and records became sporadic and most of his recent efforts have been greatly overlooked. He may not have been on the leading edge of his music career for the past decade, but he's absolutely been behind the scenes, and working with various musicians from a wide range of genres. Marx has always had a distinctive style of writing and singing. That is what captivated most of his listeners, both male and female.

Marx will drop his 2-disc collection album “Inside My Head” on June 01, 2012 on Frontiers Records. It will feature songs from his most recent albums Emotional Remains and Sundown, and some new songs.

Inside My Head 2-disc collection album will have the following track list:

Disc 1

1.Had Enough

2.Wouldn't Let Me Love You

3.Like Heaven

4.On The Inside

5.Through My Veins

6.Always On Your Mind


8.Come Running

9.All Over Me


11.Done To Me

12.Over My Head

13.Part Of Me

Richard Marx - Hazard / Hold On To The Nights  - Live

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Disc 2

1.Don't Mean Nothing

2.Should've Known Better

3.Endless Summer Nights

4.Keep Coming Back

5.Take This Heart

6.Hold On To The Nights



9.Too Late To Say Goodbye


11.Right Here Waiting

12.When You Loved Me