Act of Valor is Now Available on Home Video

When Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh worked together with the US Navy on a documentary film, they both got the opportunity to access the SEALs, whose wartime knowledge inspired the idea for a realistic film about the NSW community; they discovered that there just weren't actors that could fill the characters. So they teamed up with the real military personnel to make this film.

Act of Valor centers on a SEAL Team and exhibits the undisclosed operations of these elite and highly skilled military officers. In a tale of international anti-terrorism, it takes viewers deep into the abducting and rescue of a CIA operative, which discloses the finding of a deadly terrorist conspire against the US. The military team is then dispatched on a race against time manhunt, to stop the terrorist attack.

Act of Valor gives the viewer an idea of what the SEALS are like. You can see why they prepare how they prepare because of the tactics and accuracy of their shots. The makers created an imaginary story based on true mission that they did.

Blu-ray will feature extra material such as interviews with Navy SEALS, directors' commentary, deleted scenes, and featurettes plus a making-of documentary and a look at the tactics employed by Navy SEALS. "Act of Valor" is also available on DVD.

Act of Valor, bluray, cover, image

Act of Valor, dvd, cover, image